Friday, December 3, 2010

Reception #2

Photos at the reception.

Mrs. Bates, Taylin & Chloe

Keela and William

Patrick and Josh decorating the car. Later Yale

teasingly blames Josh.

Sarah and Kiara

These three handsome guys amazed all of us.

Travis started off by saying they were the

oldest Grandsons and wanted to say a few words.

He made a wonderful speech. We were so proud

of him. I was in tears.

Then Isaiah said some really nice things and

even told of some wonderful memories.

Then Jonathan said We Love you Grandma and Grandpa

with his arms outstretched and made us all laugh.

It was so sweet and so touching.

We love you boys.

You made our reception extra special.

Logan acting goofy


Keela and her boys reminicing looking at some photos.

We had lots of old pictures and everyone

enjoyed looking at them.

The first time I looked at the 4 of them looking
at photos....I had tears in my eyes.
When did they grow up??

Jonathan Keela Isaiah


The girls wanted their own table.

They're all growing up so fast.

Slow down a little.

Ty looked so handsome and was a

gentleman all day.

So cute.

one of many photos of the 5

not sure who or what Travis and Jonathan are looking at.

Isaiah must be hungery licking his lips.


Brenna enjoying a bite to eat.

Elisabeth and Brenna made the Grooms cake.
They copied our first car, a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

They did a fantastic job.

Thanks girls.

Isaiah Emily & Travis

Kaylie Silas & Elisabeth


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