Monday, November 29, 2010

Vow Renewal Party #3

Mrs. Lopez was so kind to make us a cake. I looked at several

different kinds and picked one that had 4 individual cakes of

different sizes representing the 4 girls. Then she added a bonus

and made all the 18 Grandkids a cupcake each and topped them

all with pictures. We loved it. Thank you so much Mrs. Lopez.

She is such a blessing to all of us.

Two handsome guys

Pauline Jones was in charge of the kitchen and putting out the

food and as usual she did a Great Job!

Thanks Mrs. Jones

Marc drinking one of the little kids juice boxes.

John took the video of the Vow Renewal and the reception.

He is always so willing to help out our family.

Thanks John.

Tabitha and Carole enjoying being together.

A Beautiful Lady

God truly blessed me with my wonderful Mother.

I am so thankful she was able to come.

She was so helpful and, as always we had so much fun


Pastor and Mrs Strange

I am so thankful for them. They mean so much to all our families.

Florence and Chuck

Now that Florence is retired she doesn't have a free moment.



Praise the Lord for my wonderful


She raised a Great son that I love very much. :-)

Jonathan, one of many photographers

At the reception having a good time.


This is our wonderful family. I still find it hard to believe

that our four daughters are all grown up with families

of their own. I praise and thank the Lord everyday for

everyone in my family. Can't wait to hang this new

photo in our living room of all of us together.

When we were getting ready to leave we realized

that someone had decorated our car.

Josh works for us on Fridays and Yale

was telling him....he's fired. :-)


Our Getaway Car

While Yale was firing Josh....I was thinking

awwww, he did a good job. :-)

Now, off to our HONEYMOON!!!!!

Thank you all for coming and making our

day extra special.

Love you Honey!

Thanks for the unforgettable 40 wonderful years.

Happy Anniversary!!



Kami Gimenez

So sweet! I loved all of the posts. It was such a special day! I love you both!

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