Monday, February 14, 2011

Christmas Gathering 2010

There's just something special about having all your family together.
This Christmas Kami and family were here to celebrate the Holidays
with all of us. I love it when we're all together. But, I also love
having each individual family over too. This year we got to do both.
Each Family came over so we could enjoy watching our
Grandchildren open their gifts one by one. They were all so excited!!!
I loved every moment. I will post those photos next time.

Kami Taylin Tabitha Keela and I think that's Randy :-)

Keela Kami Tabitha Taylin
I am so thankful that the girls are always willing to help out.
Our sons-in-laws are excellent dish washers too.

Randy taught us a new game to play (some had played it before)
We had soooo much fun.
I love how our family plays together and I love how we
all cram into the living room.

can you tell by their smiles ???

A picture is worth a thousand words and I LOVE this picture.
June - I love my family
Yale - this game is so boring
Ty - I see another it MINE?
Silas - I wish they would turn on the TV
Randy - o.k. I'll explain it one more time
Mark - My team is going to Win!
Keela - kissing Callie (I'm going to miss you)
Tabitha - I can't believe I payed this much for
this toy and nobody is playing with it.
Taylin - awww he is so cute!
Isaiah - I wonder why she's not texting me?
Josh - this is a great game!
Elisabeth ohhh my alergies are killing me.
Brenna - not sure what he's talking about but I'll
play anyway.
Sarah - I wonder what Emily is doing?
Logan - what is my Daddy doing?
Katie - this is Ty's but I'm going to play with it.
Chloe - CHEESE!!! Grandma's taking my picture.
Love pictures like this.