Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilting Contest

Yale encouraged me to enter JoAnn Fabrics

Quilting Contest. I know I'm just a beginner

but I was happy that he wanted me to enter.

He gave me some money and said "Go Shopping"

I didn't hesitate. Taylin was going to JoAnn's too

so when we met up together she helped pick out some

really cute fabric. After making the quilt I thought

this looks like a Taylin quilt. I really should have

given it to her since she helped pick out the fabric

but sorry Tay....this one is Emily's.

This is one of the squares. I thought I came up with

this design all myself....I was so proud. Then a few

days later I saw the same pattern in a quilting magazine.

Oh well, it was fun drawing up the pattern anyway.

another square.

Here it is all finished. I didn't realize till I hung

it on the fence that the pink and yellow squares

really stand out and show the pattern.

The instructions called for a close up photo and a

hanging photo of the entire quilt.

Here it is all finished.
I had so much fun entering the contest.
Thanks for the encourgement honey.

I haven't heard any news yet so I

guess I'm not a winner for JoAnns.

But I'm a winner in other ways....

I know Emily will love her new quilt

from Grandma.

Kiara named this one for me

"Silly Squares"

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I am so behind in blogging. I still have June's 90th Birthday and Christmas.

And Quilts. And many many more blogs to come. Some may be out of

order but that will be o.k. cause it's my blog. But until then....


And I heard this song today so I thought I'd share it.

You've heard it before so while you're reading it just hmmm along.

For we have this moment

to hold in our hands

and to touch

as it slips through our fingers like sand

Yesterdays gone

and Tomorrow may never come

But we have this moment Today

Love you all

Happy New Year

I pray that the Lord will bless each and everyone of you.