Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilting Contest

Yale encouraged me to enter JoAnn Fabrics

Quilting Contest. I know I'm just a beginner

but I was happy that he wanted me to enter.

He gave me some money and said "Go Shopping"

I didn't hesitate. Taylin was going to JoAnn's too

so when we met up together she helped pick out some

really cute fabric. After making the quilt I thought

this looks like a Taylin quilt. I really should have

given it to her since she helped pick out the fabric

but sorry Tay....this one is Emily's.

This is one of the squares. I thought I came up with

this design all myself....I was so proud. Then a few

days later I saw the same pattern in a quilting magazine.

Oh well, it was fun drawing up the pattern anyway.

another square.

Here it is all finished. I didn't realize till I hung

it on the fence that the pink and yellow squares

really stand out and show the pattern.

The instructions called for a close up photo and a

hanging photo of the entire quilt.

Here it is all finished.
I had so much fun entering the contest.
Thanks for the encourgement honey.

I haven't heard any news yet so I

guess I'm not a winner for JoAnns.

But I'm a winner in other ways....

I know Emily will love her new quilt

from Grandma.

Kiara named this one for me

"Silly Squares"


Kami Gimenez

I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous this quilt turned out!! Wow!!!
Now, I'm quite confused! I might use this pattern for my Sanibel fabric!
Love you and your work, too.


Awww! Thank you. So glad we share the love of quilting. :-)

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