Friday, March 25, 2011

Finished Quilts in 2010

I love to make quilts. This year (2010) I wanted to make

all our Granddaughters a quilt to give them for Christmas.

I didn't quite make my goal but will finish soon.

I've posted these but now they are all together.

Not in order.

First quilts to make in 2011 are for Ashly, Katie and Chloe.

Then on the the Grandsons.

I kept quilts #1 & 2.

Quilt #1 "Springtime"

Quilt #2 "Lady Bug Picnic"

Quilt #4 for Little Miss Callie Grace

I had enough for a matching diaper bag too.
Love the soft pinks and whites. Sooo cuddley.

Quilt #3 "Grandma's Flower Garden"

This one is on our bed.

Callie snoozing on her quilt.

Quilt #9 Brenna's "Spunky Greens"

Quilts #8 Sarah's (not named yet)

#10 Emily's "Silly Squares"

Doll quilt

Quilt #7 Kaylie's "Chocolate Dreams"

Quilt #11 Kiara's "Pink-A-licious!"

Quilt # 5 Elisabeth's "Lover of Horses"

Quilt #6 for my Mother "Mothers Flower Garden"

My Mother and Grandmother were both fantastic Quilters.

I think my love for quilting comes from both of them.

My daughter Kami shares the joy of quilting too.

Passing down to generations.

I also made a quilt for my sister Robin for her birthday.

But I have no pictures of that one. When I go up to

visit I will take some.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mother and Robin are HERE!!!

Yeah!!!! Had a great time with Robin and all
the fun filled activities. Stay longer next time.

I am so glad that Mother and Robin are here.

Robin gets to stay for three weeks!!!

Mother is staying a little longer than her.

Love it when they come to visit.

This day we went to the beach and had a Great time.

The weather was perfect.