Thursday, July 22, 2010



Monday, July 12, 2010

My Poor Baby

Yale tripped in the garage and broke his wrist.

Poor Baby. I feel so sorry for him.

He went to the E.R. straight from work and didn't get a chance to clean up. His fingers were so swollen.

This is after some pain meds. :-)

Of course he wanted to go to work. I told him he should stay home and take the day off....HAHA,

I don't think he ever takes a day off.

I think he's still a little groggy......or grouchy. :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Flowers


I wonder...

....what these...

....will be???

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quilt #3 2010

I went to this new cute little quilting shop,

and found these adorable fat quarters. These two are my favorites.

Then I started adding a few more flowers to it.

Love this new shop.

All pinned and ready to be quilted.

This is my first try at Free Motion Quilting.

Got these cute little gloves and my machine had a darning foot attachment. Dropped my feed dogs and I was

ready to start. After practicing.....A LOT.....I started quilting.

If you look really close you can see some it but,

I ran out of thread and had to go buy more.

I did learn that it's best to have several bobbins

already filled and extra need lots of thread.

Almost finished. I can't believe how quickly

it goes. Much faster than stitch in the ditch.

Finished!!! This is the back.

Here it is on the bed. I love the binding.

Love the crinkely look.

All finished.

"Grandma's Flower Garden"


OOOPPPS! Wrong picture. This is Josh's 10th Birthday
Time sure does fly by. I can't believe he's already

Josh is sooo funny. I love it when he tells a good joke
or when he pretends to be somebody and acts the part
out and has this goofy accent and acts real silly.

Here we are at the mall sharing some poutine (sp).
And having a great conversation about something.
(I know I have this terrible look on my face)

He is so adventurous and loves to try new things. Like here
he got inside his Gigi ball and rode it down the hill.

And then he put it in the river and rode it down stream.
He loves to be outdoors and have FUN.

Here we are at some island in Canada (I forgot the name of it)
we went exploring and had a great time.
Josh is one amazing Grandson. Never ashamed to be with me
or put his arm around me and tell me he loves me. (Well, at
least he knows how to make his Grandma happy). He loves to,
juggle, play any kind of sport, hunting, fishing, ride his bike, a great ventriliquist, anything outside or adventurous. Sings with his family, And most important he loves God and is a faithful Christian and not ashamed to share the gospel with anyone. I am so proud of him.
I always have a great time when I am with him with his humor,
postitive personality and love for life.
I love you Josh.
Happy Birthday and many more to come.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Things Just Make Me Smile :-)

Sometimes I'm just a little bit weird.....o.k. a lot weird. But some things that happen at weird times or out of the way places just makes me smile and I love it.
Yesterday Yale and I were cutting the lawn out back and doing some much needed yard work. And guess what we found?????
3 Easter Eggs :-)
go figure.
Yale was sweating and cutting the lawn and I'm smiling and looking at these cute little plastic Easter Eggs. I just love it.