Monday, August 30, 2010

Quilt #7 with a story "How did that happen???" :-)

This is quilt #7. I've had the top finished for several months so it was time to sandwich it together, quilt and finish it. Here it is pinned and ready to quilt. I had already quilted a portion of it and was rolling it up to quilt the middle section when I felt something hard inside. I thought oh dear I rolled up the scissors but when I unrolled it there was nothing there. I starte feeling around and realized it was INSIDE the quilt and here are the pictures.

Hmmm......I wonder what it is????

I had to cut several stitches to get it out.

And there it emory board.

HAHA just cracks me did that get in there and how did I not notice it.
I did break a needle during quilting and thought....hmmm thats wierd cause I usually put in a new one when I start the quilting part. Now I know why. If you look closely you can tell that I stitched over it 4 times.

Love making my own binding and I love these colors.

Here's the back.

And here it is on the bed. This pattern (I forget what it's called.....I really should know stuff like that) you have 10 different fabrics , the square is the same fabric and the rectangle is different. and then put them in a bag and pick it out and sew as you go along so it doesn't have the same pattern. This is so hard for me cause I like things straight and matched so I sort of did it they way I was suppose to but them I switched some of the rectangles around so the same ones were'nt touching.

"Chocolate Dreams" all finished.

Monday, August 23, 2010

#4 Quilt for Baby Callie Grace

The original plan was that I would already be in Canada for the birth of the baby. But.....little Callie Grace had a different idea and decided to come early. I tried to change my ticket to get there to help out but it was going to be way to expensive so we decided to wait.

The best thing about waiting was that I got to go pick out the fabric for the baby quilt and this is what I got. I love it.

So girly.

Love this combination.

...the sandwiching...

...the binding...

I had enough fabric left over to make a diaper bag. I made the handles long enough to put it over your shoulder. This side has a large pocket to put other neccessary items.

This side looks like the quilt.

...and then I made a cute little bow for Callie's hair (when she gets more)

And her it is all packed and ready to go to Canada. I arrived when Callie was 9 days old. She was soooo cute and tiny too. (Look at first post on this blog) I will post photos of her with the quilt at a later post.

Love you Callie Grace

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quilt #6 "Mother's Flower Garden"

I love this fabric. It is so soft and pastely (if that's a word)

I almost didn't want to cut it because I loved it so much.

Some squares were nine patch squares and the bigger print flower was a single large square.

Sandwiching it together. I need more quilting pins. :-)

I did the free motion machine quilting. I love quilting like this and it's amazing how easy it is (once you get use to how to do it)

Sewing on the binding

opps...this is a little out of order. I made the binding out of all the scraps. I love this kind of binding and it doesn't waste fabric.

This is the back all quilted and finished. Love the crinkly look.

This one I made for my wonderful Mother. I was hesitant about making her one because she is such a talented quilter. But I really wanted to make her something special and she loved it.

I wanted to get a photo of it hanging out on the clothes line because she uses the clothes line. Mother lives in the farm house on a small farm. It's the house that I grew up in from 9 years old till I got married. Love this place....lot's of good memories.

Here it is on her bed. My Mother, my Mam-maw Bundon and my Mam-maw Walker are all fantastic quilters and I have quilts from all of them. I am so thankful for the women in my life and for the family God gave to me.

I love you Mother. Your quilt was made with lots of love.

Happy 11th Birthday Brenna (sorry it's late)

opps.....wrong picture ..... isn't she cute!!

This is her 7th Birthday at Lakes Park.

Love this toothless grin.

Here she is almost an 11 year old. Sorry this picture is sideways. This is down in the valley. I love this place. Brenna always helped me up and down the mountain (I called it a mountain, probably just a hill to her). But we would have so much fun here. We pretended we were Indians looking for food and trying to survive the wilds.

This is my Bren Bren. She is so special to me. So loving and so tenderhearted. I always have a great time when I'm with her. She loves to play tricks on me, she's a fantastic cook mmmmm. She and her sister have even started their own bakery business, and they named it
Biz E. B. Bakery. E for Elisabeth and B for Brenna.
Can't wait to sample some of their sweet treats. She is so talented in many things. Even has her own blog. Most of all she loves the Lord. I love it when Brenna comes outside and sits on the swing with me for our morning Bible study. She helps me alot. Thanks Brenna,
I sure do love you.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Don't grow up too fast.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quilt #5 "Lover of Horses"

During my visit to Canada with Kami, Patrick & J.E.B.S. & Baby Callie we went to Walmart several times. While there and looking at all the fabric , Elisabeth saw this horse fabric and commented on how much she liked it. So, on one visit I distracted her while Kami got the fabric cut for me. (she had to do it because I don't speak French)

I wanted to surprize her with a Horse Quilt just for her. It's twin size.

This is the tag on the back but I didn't get a photo of the entire back. Kami is going to send me a photo of Elisabeth with her quilt, "Lover of Horses"

Love you Elisabeth.