Monday, August 30, 2010

Quilt #7 with a story "How did that happen???" :-)

This is quilt #7. I've had the top finished for several months so it was time to sandwich it together, quilt and finish it. Here it is pinned and ready to quilt. I had already quilted a portion of it and was rolling it up to quilt the middle section when I felt something hard inside. I thought oh dear I rolled up the scissors but when I unrolled it there was nothing there. I starte feeling around and realized it was INSIDE the quilt and here are the pictures.

Hmmm......I wonder what it is????

I had to cut several stitches to get it out.

And there it emory board.

HAHA just cracks me did that get in there and how did I not notice it.
I did break a needle during quilting and thought....hmmm thats wierd cause I usually put in a new one when I start the quilting part. Now I know why. If you look closely you can tell that I stitched over it 4 times.

Love making my own binding and I love these colors.

Here's the back.

And here it is on the bed. This pattern (I forget what it's called.....I really should know stuff like that) you have 10 different fabrics , the square is the same fabric and the rectangle is different. and then put them in a bag and pick it out and sew as you go along so it doesn't have the same pattern. This is so hard for me cause I like things straight and matched so I sort of did it they way I was suppose to but them I switched some of the rectangles around so the same ones were'nt touching.

"Chocolate Dreams" all finished.


Kami Gimenez

I AM IN LOVE!!! This is an amazing quilt!!! I love the colors so much! And I'm definitely trying the pattern. Maybe that's how I'll use my black and white!
You're inspiring!


I think that should be my quilt. :)

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