Friday, August 13, 2010

Quilt #6 "Mother's Flower Garden"

I love this fabric. It is so soft and pastely (if that's a word)

I almost didn't want to cut it because I loved it so much.

Some squares were nine patch squares and the bigger print flower was a single large square.

Sandwiching it together. I need more quilting pins. :-)

I did the free motion machine quilting. I love quilting like this and it's amazing how easy it is (once you get use to how to do it)

Sewing on the binding

opps...this is a little out of order. I made the binding out of all the scraps. I love this kind of binding and it doesn't waste fabric.

This is the back all quilted and finished. Love the crinkly look.

This one I made for my wonderful Mother. I was hesitant about making her one because she is such a talented quilter. But I really wanted to make her something special and she loved it.

I wanted to get a photo of it hanging out on the clothes line because she uses the clothes line. Mother lives in the farm house on a small farm. It's the house that I grew up in from 9 years old till I got married. Love this place....lot's of good memories.

Here it is on her bed. My Mother, my Mam-maw Bundon and my Mam-maw Walker are all fantastic quilters and I have quilts from all of them. I am so thankful for the women in my life and for the family God gave to me.

I love you Mother. Your quilt was made with lots of love.



It's absolutely gorgeous! I know your Mother just loves it and will cherish it for a long time!

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