Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Vow Renewal Photos

I love my Honey
These are random photos from our Vow Renewal.

I am so glad that Ann and Dave Williams flew in
from England for our Vow Renewal.
Yale is always teasing her about the Queen.
Praise God for good Friends.

I am so thankful that Taylin and Randys friend who
filled in at the last minute to take photos.
He got some great shots.

These next few photos are from the reception.
I am so thankful for our Church Family and Friends.

Mr. Nunnery

Thanks for coming Carole and Tim.
I'm so happy you live in Cape Coral now.

I was soooo surprized when I saw Uncle Bill
and Aunt Mary Rose. I love my Aunt and Uncle
so much and I praise God for them. They mean so much to me.
They flew in from Tennesse.

Andy and Gigi Sanchez..............Aunt Mary Rose

Billie Enslen

Mrs. Porteous. She and I have a special bond
that I can tell you about some other time.

Ty, looking so handsome in his suit and he knew he
looked good too.

Our Handsome Grandson Jonathan

Our Handsome Grandson Josh.
Notice how I'm getting shorter?

Some of our beautiful Granddaughters.

I usually call these four
"The Fearless Foursome"

Don't they look cute and growing up so fast.
I wish we would've gotten a photo of
Silas and Callie in the nursery.

Some last minute instructions.

I love having my Grandchildren around me.
I love them more than they'll ever realize.
Thank you Lord for my Family.


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