Friday, December 3, 2010

Renewing Our Vows 1 of 3

Christina played beautifully.
Thank you so much.

Winkler Road Baptist Church

Keela & William

all our flower girls
They looked so beautifully.

me and my Honey,
it looks like I'm dragging him down the isle.

I loved the alter poses but we didn't get a photo
with all of us together.....someone was always hidden
behind someone.

I thought this was so special.
Pastor Strange annouced each daughter and husband and
then had their children to stand up. Kiara, Kaylie and Ashly
are standing up in front of the boys.

You couldn't see Ty standing up so Josh lifted him up
so everyone could see him.
When it was Logans turn, he stood up on the pew.
In the nursery there was,
Katie, Chloe, Silas and Callie
In this photo I think the girls and our son-in-laws
look so beautiful and handsome.
Pastor Strange is standing in front of Yale.

Elisabeth sang "I Just Want to Thank You Lord"
She did a fantastic job.
Emily read Psalm 100. She has an
amazing speaking voice.
Kami sang a beautful song, I think the
name of it was "Just Call Me Faithful"

Patrick prayed and gave a short message. It was
really good. He mentioned how Yale and I both
came from homes where both our parents were married
for over 50 years each and what good examples they
were in our lives.
I praise God for both of our parents.


The Happy Couple
although Yale looks relieved

Randy & Taylin

Patrick & Kami

Our Flower Girls

going to the reception


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