Monday, June 28, 2010

The Way I Start My Day, Psalm 100

Breakfast, mmm, hot tea, fresh orange juice, my glasses, my two phones,
and the most important Bible.
I like to start my day with God's word.....reading my Bible. Usually I read out on the back patio on my swing. (one of my favorite places). But now days it is way to hot. Sometimes it's 90 degrees by 8:30 so now I read in the kitchen...air conditioned kitchen. :-) I wish I could say that I read it every day but no I'm ashamed to say that I don't. Sometimes I'm to rushed or have company or on vacation or something...but really those are not valid excuses. It should be my top priority...the top of my list....first thing in the morning. Praise God that he is a forgiving God and I can start fresh everyday.

I always read a chapter in Proverbs that coincides with what day it is, like today is June 29th so I read Proverbs 29. It's amazing how when you read each chapter there is something that has to do with what you are going through or speaks to your heart about a certain situation.

Then I read Psalm 100. This is memorized but I always read it. It's one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

Then I read whatever I am studying for the month. Some years I follow the reading for "Read Through Your Bible in a Year" and I read whatever goes for that day.

Whatever you do, read your Bible....everyday. Get closer to God.

I guarantee your day will go better.


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