Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Canada Trip

I had a great time in Canada. We did so many fun things that it would be to hard to post everything. So here are a few pictures and things that we did.

Josh so willingly gave me his bed to sleep in while I was there. For two weeks he slept on a big twin size cushion on the floor in the doorway between Josh & Silas room and Elisabeth and Brennas' room. Thank you Josh. BUT, Silas also sleeps in that room and he was ready to get up and play at 5:30 in the morning. I didn't mind though, I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could. When he would wake up he would get in bed with me and I would get him a cup of milk. Sometimes he would go back to sleep and other times he was ready to talk or play. :-) One morning I was pretending to be asleep and thought he was too, when I opened my eyes, he was stareing at me and roared and laughed. :-)

J.E.&B. wanted to sleep out in the yard in the tent, so we did. We had SO much FUN! But it got really really cold in the middle of the night. Patrick hooked up a tiny portable heater to keep us warm and Josh piled and piled and piled the blankets and quilts on top of us. I don't think Elisabeth or Brenna could move they had so much on them. We stayed really warm. We knew that at one point Patrick would try to scare us so we were prepared to get him. We bought some water guns at the dollar store and hid them in the tent. We played games and had snacks and talked and laughed and laughed. Around 11 p.m. someone came yelling (Patrick) and trying to scare us. But J.E.&B. got the water guns and soaked him good. Way to go guys.

First Family photo of seven. At first I & white ???? for a first family photo. But that's what Kami wanted. Taylin sent Callie the cutest little black jumper that was Chloe's with a white onesy and she looked so adorable in it. I love the family photo.

We went on lots and lots of walks. The weather was gorgeous. And the woods, the trail and the valley were perfect places to go walking.

Callie Grace is such a good baby and sooo cute. Love this picture. She looks older than 3 weeks.
Origianlly I was suppose to be there before she was born but she decided to come a little early.

In this picture Elisabeth and Brenna are standing on their tip toes. I can't believe how much taller they all are. Soon they'll be taller than me. :-)

Kami & Callie at church Sunday Night. Except for being tired Kami felt really good after the birth of Callie. We got to do a lot of what we had planned even a sewing day and site seeing too.

The flowers were gorgeous and tulips were in full bloom. Beautiful.

Callie & Kami. Callie looks so much like Kami when she was a baby.

Josh & Patrick putting together motorcycles from a kit.

Brenna & Elisabeth got this dollhouse for Christmas and so many accessories to go with it.
We had so much fun playing dollhouse. We even had a horse show. :-)

Kami & Patrick studying French. They studied so much and thier teacher came to the house the first few weeks after Callie was born. She was very nice and said they were the best students she ever had. I never realized how hard it was to go to a country and not know the language. To be somewhere and not understand what they're talking about. I even had to take Brenna to McDonalds with me to translate. Thanks Bren

The first night I was there we had French foods, they were different but delicious. Kami is an excellent cook and all the kids (&Patrick) have their specialties they make that were also delicious. Elisabeth made us breakfast one morning, I want the recipe to the puffs and the apple butter. Brenna made homemade cole slaw. Yum Yum......Patrick even does dishes now. :-)

I exchanged my American money for Canadian. Their money looks weird.

This is down in the valley. J.E.B.S. and I would go for walks while Kami and Callie were napping/resting. We had a fantastic time. While in the valley we would wade in the creek. It was very refreshing. Sometimes we pretended we were Indians. It was beautiful there, between two hills. reminded me of Tennessee.

It was gorgeous there.

Silas loved it too. One day Josh took his Giga ball and floated down the creek inside it.

Callie Grace looks so tiny and cute in this photo. I love it.

This hat went with the dress but she didn't like the hat. Sometimes she looked like Elisabeth and sometimes like Brenna, but I think she mostly looks like Kami when she was
a baby. :-) Don't grow up to fast Callie. Love and miss you already.


Kami Gimenez

Oh, Mom, I love the post. We had so much fun and I miss you so much already. I'm so thankful we could make so many memories.
I love you

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